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Pavel Apletin

Timur Bagov

Evgenia Balokina

Ekaterina Berestova

Kirill Bugaev

Nata Chebotareva

Andrey Chegin

Alexander Chernogrivov

Sergey Egorov

Anna Hoffman

Victoria Iliina

Nikita Infantiev

Daniil Landau

Alexei Parshin

Vasily Pindyurin

Katia Platonova

Pyotr Prinev

Dmitrii Provotorov

Lidiia Khaikara

Alexander Kitaev

Evgenia Kroll

Marina Kruger

Nadja Kuznetsova

Albert Rasyulis

Sergei Shcherbakov

Maria Simina

Vitaliy Smirnov

Ludmila Tabolina

Svetlana Tarasova

Alexander Tatarenko

Anna Velichko

Konstantin Vodyanitsky

Alexei Zelensky

Art Photography online auction 17-24 April

Dates: 17.04.2020 19:00 – 24.04.2020 19:00

We have entered the matrix but yet we have remained who we are.
We do what we love and now we are preparing an awesome online auction.
We are the team of ZERNO Photo Gallery.

This is our daring attempt to be together at these very strange times, to support each other, our fellow artists, and make sure that the normality of life doesn’t seize to exist.

This is also the project of great social importance.
Our mission is to give everyone an opportunity to acquire a piece of great photographic art by keeping the prices at a very affordable level. This will allow us to support future buyers in their passion for beauty, as well as to give the artists a notion that what they do is important and very much needed.

Lot 37

Future, Current and Past Auctions