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Описание лота

Аuthor: Albert Rasyulis
Title: untitled
Media: Digital Print
Paper: Fiber-based paper
Image size (cm): 18 x 24

Paper size (cm): 22×27
Edition: 1/25
Signature: signed on recto
Year: 2016



Rasyulis Albert

Russian photographer. Was born in 1969 in the capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk. He lived there until 6 years old, then moved with his mother to Sakhalin Island in a small port city of Korsakov. He lived there for the entire period of study in high school. Then he moved to St. Petersburg and since then has been living in it.
The first camera purchased at the age of 30 years. Since then, taking photographs intermittently. Photographs everything that seems interesting to him. Films mainly on 35 and 120 mm film. In his works, he tries to get away from a flat primitive view of what is happening.
In addition to photography, he creates music in various genres.
In February 2020, the Los Angeles label Spirit Charity released his guitar album Space for Flying Fish under the name tembr69.
He is also a member of the Russian electronic duo Fizzarum.

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