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Описание лота

Аuthor: Daniil Landau
Title: “O”

Media: Digital Print
Paper: Epson Traditional Photopaper 330g/m2
Image size (cm): 20×20
Paper size (cm): 21×21
Edition: 3/5
Signature: signed on recto
Year: 2014


Daniil Landau

Born at October 23, 1978 in Leningrad, USSR.

In 2001 graduated from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” as a computer engineer.

Since 2016 works as an engineer in the RAIDIX company .

Got interested in photography since 2010.

Periodically studied at the School of Analog Photography [ SCAF ] since 2011.

Graduated from the author’s course of M. Simina “Art Portrait” in 2013.

Also participated in master classes with A. Chezhin, A. Chernogrivov, A. Gordeeva, O. Videnin in 2013-2017.

Graduaded from the A. Veledzimovich course “Anatomy of a Portrait 3.0 ” in 2017.

Participant in group exhibitions :

· “Artistic portrait” ( St. Petersburg, Stremyannaya Library, 2013 ) ;

· “Vario mode” ( St. Petersburg, Center for Art and Music of Central City Public Library named after Mayakovsky, 2014) ;

· “Conceptual barite” ( St. Petersburg, Art-space ” Mayak”, 2015 ) ;

· “ Studio ” (St. Petersburg, Art-space ” Mayak”, 2018) ;

· V Photobiennale of Contemporary Photography (State Russian Museum, 2019).

Published in the “Shots” magazine.

Works are in the collection of the State Russian Museum and in private collections.

Artist statement:

Photography for me is a small window into the analog world of art. The possibility of creativity and self-development. I take pictures of people to remember them and recognize myself.

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